2018 Accomplishments

May 3, 2018

ISA Accomplishments in 2018


  1. On May 9, ISA, in its role as industry chair, with DHS, of the Policy Leadership Working Group, presents joint recommendations on delivering “Collective Cyber Security” to DHS Asst. Secretary for Cyber Security, Janette Manfra.
  1. In April, ISA published two new editions of the Cyber Risk Handbook for corporate directors, one adapted to the unique perspective of the United Kingdom and one adapted for Germany (in German). BSI, representing the German Federation, endorses the ISA handbook, just as the DHS and DOJ have endorsed the U.S. Version.
  1. ISA in conjunction with the National Association of Corporate Directors and the Global Directors Network Institute partner on the first Global Forum on Cyber Security for Corporate Directors in Geneva, April 18. ISA sponsors and Cyber Risk Handbook partners comprise 50 percent of the presents at the forum.
  1. ISA Board delegation meets with Directors of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Cyber Security Center in Geneva, April 17. WEF pledges to promote ISA/NACD Cyber Risk Handbooks via the WEF website and collaborate with ISA on future projects including future editions of the Handbook regulatory streamlining project.

    A delegation of ISA members meet with the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland
  1. In Brussels, on April 16, Larry Clinton met with the European Confederation of Directors’ Associations; the European Cyber Security Organisation and the European Roundtable of Industrialists to introduce ISA and discuss the recently published UK and German editions of Managing Cyber Risk:  A Handbook for UK Boards of Directors and Managing Cyber Risk:  A Handbook for German Boards of Directors.
  1. In London, on April 11, ISA provides featured presentation at US Embassy event on cyber security.
  1. ISA briefs the Investment Bankers Information Security Working Group in London on the ISA’s proposal for using content analytics to help untangle the unruly regulatory structure in Financial services regulation emerging in the U.S. and assess if it may be useful in Europe also. Follow-up calls have continued and information is being shared.
  1. ISA meets with the United Kingdom’s Director for their National Cyber Security Center to discuss prospects for NCSC endorsing the ISA Cyber Risk Handbooks for corporate boards as the U.S. and German governments have. NCSC is still considering the proposal.
  1. Based on recommendations from the World Economic Forum , ISA connects with senior officials from the Organization of American States (OAS) to discuss the prospects of a Spanish language edition of the cyber risk handbook. OAS expresses strong interest and asks ISA for a detailed written proposal by mid-May.
  1. ISA meets with the President of the EU Roundtable of Industries to discuss potential collaboration on items including regulatory realignment and an EU-wide version of the Cyber Risk Handbook.
  1. ISA meets with the European Cyber Security Organization in Brussels to discuss collaborating on ISA policy initiatives in the EU.
  1. ISA meets with ecoDa — EU equivalent to the NACD to discuss the prospects for an EU-wide Cyber Risk Handbook for corporate boards.