Senate Report: US is Losing the Digital World to China

Posted on December 8, 2020 at 12:36 pm

In previous posts we have documented that China has used their comprehensive. Integrated – and exceedingly well endowed – cyber strategy BRI and DSR initiatives) to steal intellectual property, compete unfairly in international markets and create a strategic advantage in digital technology on 5 continents (including until recently our own).

China’s “Soft Power” Play Altering IT Standards BTW They are Winning

Posted on at 10:00 am

In previous blogs we discussed how China used theft of western intellectual property to quickly make up ground in technology. Fueled with this infusion of knowledge China has maximized its utility by providing massive support to its domestic industry enabling their companies to have competitive advantages. In this fashion – a traditionally Chinese approach – they seek to supplant the western, US led, model not be invoking the workers of the world to unite, but by streamlining access to YOUTube and TikTok