April 2013 ISA Monthly Highlights

July 16, 2013

ISA Monthly Accomplishments and Activities

  • House Passes ISA Supported Legislation on Information Sharing – The so-called “CISPA” legislation, which provides liability incentives for the private sector to share information with the government and other companies, was approved by the U.S. House of Representatives.  ISA endorsed this legislation because it was the first to embrace the ISA model of using market incentives, as opposed to regulatory mandates, to spur pro-security behavior. The approach taken in this bill is also the only one that has received any significant measure of bi-partisan support.
  • ISA Submits Comments on National Framework for Cyber Security – President Obama’s Executive Order on cyber security calls for the Department of Commerce to develop a baseline “Cyber Security Framework” through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  ISA polled its membership and combined the practices used by sophisticated companies, such as ISA sponsors, with the empirically proven methods available to the community and suggested that these be the core of the national framework. NIST’s Director, Dr. Gallagher, will meet with the ISA Board shortly to discuss the ISA proposal in depth.
  • ISA Leads Critical Infrastructure Efforts on Cyber Incentives – ISA is the recognized industry leader on how and why market incentives are preferable to government regulations for promoting cyber security.  ISA was, therefore, designated by the Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security, acting under authority in the National Infrastructure Protection Plan, to lead government-industry efforts on the 4 cyber incentive reports required under the President’s Executive Order on cyber security.  ISA served as the industry keynote speaker at the joint industry-government conference on the subject and coordinated input from all designated critical industry sectors on the issue.  In addition to coordinating input to Treasury, DoD, DHS, Commerce, & GSA from aligned industry groups such as PCIS & the IT SCC, ISA filed its own extensive comments on the government’s incentive Notice of Inquiry.
  • ISA Assists Members’ Efforts on Presidential Order on Cyber – The Executive Order (EO) on cyber solicits private sector input on a wide range of critical topics operating on a very short time line. ISA is assisting member companies in becoming directly and increasingly involved in the eight task forces established to implement the EO.