April 2014 Monthly Highlights

May 7, 2014

ISA Accomplishments and Activities for April 2014

  • The ISA Board reviewed and provided comments on the Best Practices for Corporate Boards of Directors it has been asked to prepare for the National Association of Corporate Boards (NACD). ISA in conjunction with NACD & AIG will release the document at NACD’s first conference on cyber security in Chicago in June.
  • ISA held its first biannual international board conference call with the Cyber Security Council of Germany (CSCG) as required in the organizations Memo of Understanding and Cooperation. CSCG briefed the ISA board on the cyber landscape within the European Union and Germany. Following the conference call with CSCG, the ISA board discussed plans to implement the approved business plan for a European affiliate of ISA
  • The ISA board met with privately with US Asst. Attorney General John Carlin and Mark Eichorn, Assistant Director FTC Division of Privacy and Information Sharing, to discuss the DOJ/FTC deal on information sharing announced the previous week.
  • ISA board met with Emile Monette, the Senior Advisor for Cyber security at GSA to discuss the recent GSA acquisition program for government-wide IT. The ISA board shared their thoughts and concerns with Mr. Monette and the ISA submitted comments to GSA following the discussion. ISA also coordinated its comments with the IT Sector Coordinating Council where ISA holds a seat on its Executive Committee
  • ISA met with Jenny Menna DHS Director for public policy integration to discuss the implementation of the President’s EO & NIST Framework. DHS provided an update on the progress it is making in its C-cubed program and asked ISA for assistance in designating venders for small company’s cyber security and asked to assist ISA in its project on developing best practices for corporate directors
  • ISA met with FBI Deputy Assistant Director Jim Trainor to discuss developments the bureau is seeing in the cyber-crime arena.
  • ISA provided the keynote speech for the National Conference on Protecting Personal Health Information in Los Angalss
  • ISA presented at 2 conferences on cyber security risk management one in San Francisco and one in Palo Alto
  • ISA provided the keynote speech for the “Roadmap to a Secure Internet” conference in Washington DC
  • ISA participated in a working group established by the Smith-Richardson Foundation on finding long term solutions to cyber security issues, Washington DC