April 2015

August 3, 2015

ISA Highlighted Activities for April 2015

 ISA Board of Directors meet privately with Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson. Chairman Johnson specifically requests ISA provide him with amendments he will offer to the Information Sharing legislation expected to come before the Senate next month that will. Amendments requested by Senator Johnson will seek to broaden the impact of the legislation by adopting ISA’s Social Contract/Incentives model for the use of shared information and use of approved methods such as the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

  • ISA Board meets privately with the CEO of the National Association of Corporate Directors, Ken Daly. Mr. Daly thanks and congratulates the ISA board on the work it is doing to raise cyber security issues to the board level, specifically the Handbook on Cyber Security for Corporate boards which the ISA board produced for NACD last spring and we subsequently endorsed by DHS, the US Chamber, the International Auditors Foundation and others. Daly noted that downloads of the ISA developed handbook were double the usual number of NACD publications and commented that ISA was NACD’s “go to” organization for cyber security and asked for ISA support on upcoming projects and publications targeted at corporate boards and specifically addressing regulators such as the SEC
  • ISA Board meets with DLA Piper to assess progress on joint venture “Cyber Trak” Initial results show over 90% of respondents rate the service easy to use and 70% of ISA sponsor companies report they expect the service (free to ISA sponsors) to save them both time and money. Sixty, non-ISA companies have inquired about purchasing the service based on “friends and family” outreach. ISA and DLA agree that further development is needed before the service is offered widely for sale outside ISA.
  • ISA President Larry Clinton was the keynote speaker for the New York Stock Exchange Cyber Risk and the Boardroom event in New York City. ISA addressed the cyber threat landscape and the reality of the threat facing private and public sector organizations.
  • ISA Chairman Tim McKnight, President Larry Clinton ISA Director from Vodafone Richard Knowlton and ISA Director from Verizon Marc Sachs were featured speakers National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Global Cyber Event in Washington which featured the Cyber Security Handbook prepared by the ISA board of directors
  • ISA President Larry Clinton was featured speaker on Cyber Insurance panel at RSA Conference 2015 in San Francisco
  • CyberTrak was featured at RSA 2015 during a panel on Cybersecurity Laws and Regulations from around the world featuring ISA President Larry Clinton, DLA Piper Global Privacy Practice Co-Chair Jim Halpert, and PCSU CISO Gene Fredriksen
  • ISA President Larry Clinton was designated as the working group leader for the Washington Board of Trade conference session on cyber security for Corporate Directors. The working group session focused on voluntary, principles-based framework for corporate board-level cyber-risk oversight.