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In a series of recent posts, we have noted the time has come for us to create a national virtual cyber service academy, modeled on our traditional military academies, but updated for the digital age (link). We subsequently detailed the public policy argument for this academy (link) and outlined a governance model for it (link).  In this post we will summarize some of the many advantages for creating this national, virtual cybersecurity service academy – it will take multiple posts to cover them all, but we will start with these. ADVANTAGE ONE: WE WILL, FINALLY, CREATE A PATHWAY TO NATIONAL CYBERSECURITY It is axiomatic that none of the technologies, frameworks, coalitions, or strategies to

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Rethinking Cyber Regulation Part II: Creating A Risk-Based Regulatory System

In our previous post, we noted that the new National Cyber Director’s office, which is charged with coordinating federal cyber policy, ought to begin that effort by evaluating and coordinating current cyber regulation. We pointed to studies (including government studies) that showed from 40 to 70 percent of federal cyber regulation – including those imposed on states and localities – is redundant and/or conflicting, thus wasting scarce cyber resources.

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Congressional Leaders Agree Cybersecurity is not just an IT Issue, finally

By now anyone who is reading this sort of blog is aware that the ransomware epidemic is totally out of control. Colonial just paid $5 million in Bitcoin to get their data (and our gas) released. But this is by no means an isolated event. Ransomware attacks have been proliferating both in number and size of ransom for a while. Earlier in May, former CISA Director Chris Krebs told the House Cybersecurity Subcommittee that we are on the cusp of a world-wide ransomware pandemic fueled by greed.

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