Highlighted ISA Activity for January 2015

April 10, 2015

  • Prior to The Administration releasing three legislative proposals on information sharing, data breach notification, and cybercrime, ISA was privately briefed by the White House National Security Council staff on the President’s upcoming initiatives – including the White House’s plans for an upcoming Executive Order on information sharing scheduled to be released in early to mid-February 2015. ISA was able to provide membership with the details of the Executive Order a full month before The Administration was due to release it publically.
  • CyberTrak, the joint venture between ISA and the world’s second largest law firm DLA Piper, went live. CyberTrak saves companies time and money by providing regularly updated information on cyber laws and regulations around the world in one convenient site. ISA sponsors will get the CyberTrak service, which retails for $25,000, for free and Members receive a substantial discount. ISA will receive 50% of CyberTrak sales revenues
  • ISA was asked to deliver the keynote for the first meeting of the Cybersecurity Forum for Independent and Executive Branch Regulators consisting of the SEC, FTC, FCC, NRC, FRB, NAIC, FERC, Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) and the Financial and Banking Information Infrastructure Committee (FBIIC). ISA was asked to present on cyber risk oversight as a board room issue and to address the lack of incentives for adapting best practices for increasing security called for in the president’s executive order.
  • The Washington Post published a feature article exclusively on CyberTrak which detailed the benefits of the service and the need for such a service which simplifies compliance in today’s overly complicated global market.
  • Immediately following President Obama’s state of the union address, ISA President Larry Clinton was asked to interview live on BBC to discuss the president’s initiatives on cybersecurity.
  • ISA President Larry Clinton delivered the keynote address during the American Bankers Association Webinar on Cyber Risk Oversight. ISA was asked to present the recent work in writing the Cyber Risk Oversight Handbook for Corporate Boards published in collaboration with AIG and the National Association of Corporate Directors.