ISA October 2020 Highlights

November 2, 2020

  • Aspen Institute Invites ISA to join its prestigious Cyber Security Group. The Aspen Cybersecurity Group is a collection of government industry academic and journalists who work together on cybersecurity. The elite group is cochaired by John Carlin and Congressman Will Hurd and includes among its membership Lisa Monaco, Michael Chertoff, Vin Cerf, Michael Daniel and Michael Rogers among others.  In tendering this invitation to ISA Aspen made clear they are looking for the ISA board’s input on their draft planning documents for the next Congress/Administration. While more operationally focused, the Aspen plan has some strong similarities to the policy suggestions embedded in the ISA’s forthcoming book on cybersecurity.
  • ISA chooses the firm 1631 as its partner to launch a social media campaign.  The campaign will use available social media tools to reach an audience of government, elected officials, information technology industry leaders, boards of directors, educators and think tanks on the need to change the prevailing opinion that cybersecurity is an IT problem to that of an economics one.  ISA’s messaging will highlight a problem; encourage a thoughtful discussion of the problem and suggest solutions based on ISA’s beliefs outlined in the 2016 Cybersecurity Social Contract and its revised book “Incentivizing Cybersecurity: Creating a Sustainable Public-Private Partnership” .  The campaign commences in November and will cumulate in early summer 2021.   The campaign will feature blogs and quotes from the Incentivizing Cybersecurity book that board members wrote this past summer.
  • ISA NACD and World Economic Foundation develop Memo of Understanding for joint efforts identifying a set of consensus principles for board level oversight if cybersecurity and initiate a program to turn these principles into objective measurements that can be used to empirically assess if use of the consensus principles actually results in observable improvements in enterprise cybersecurity.
  • ISA provides input to a new Charter for the Enduring Security Framework (ESF). ESF is a unique collaboration between NSA, DOD, DGS and the It Sector Coordinating Council and the DIB Coordinating Council.  ISA has been appointed to the IT SCC Committee to write a new charter for the ESF.  ISA has proposed that the ESF broaden its traditional operational focus to also embrace the strategic needs with respect to cybersecurity
  • ISA provides input to the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) ISA, which has been involved in the development of the NIPP since its first inception in 2007 is once again asked by DHS to counsel on a update of the NIPP. Final update is due in January 2021
  • ISA participates in two webinars:  FAIRCON Session: Helping the Board Exercise Proper Cyber Risk Oversight, sponsored by FAIR and Critical Connections – Cybersecurity, sponsored by the The Rural Broadband Association