ISA 2019 April Highlights

May 1, 2019

Internet Security Alliance (ISA) Highlights April 2019

  • ISA BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING – ISA holds Spring Board Meeting in Washington, D.C. Meetings for the Board included, Rep. Mike Rogers, a discussion of cybersecurity issues and how congress can reduce regulatory complexity; Robert Kolasky, Assistant Director for Analysis, National Risk Management Center (NRMC) and team, regarding the Economic Analysis proposal submitted by ISA; John Demers, Assistant Attorney General, DOJ, National Security Division on cyber crime enforcement; Daniel Dobrygowski, Head of Governance and Policy Rebekah Lewis, Project Lead, Governance and Policy, World Economic Forum, Centre for Cybersecurity, on WEF work in cybersecurity and possible partnerships; and Paul Maddison, Counsellor of Digital Security, British Embassy. Robyn Bew, Strategic Content Director, National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD), also briefed the board on ISA-NACD partnership projects, including the Cyber Risk Handbook for Boards update.
  • ISA PARTICIPATES IN CYBER RISK INITIATIVE STAKEHOLDER EXCHANGE MEETING ON INTERNET INFRASTRUCTURE RISK ECONOMICS – the meeting focus linked economics into cyber security with the goal of risk accountability solutions- be they applied research & advanced development, technology transfer, and/or innovative knowledge products/policy that incentivize the reduction of internet infrastructure risk.
  • ISA SUBMITTED PROPOSALS TO DHS CYBER RISK ECONOMICS (CYRIE) AND CYBERSECURITY AND INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY AGENCY (CISA) FOR CYBERSECURITY STUDIES – Submitted proposals include: a proposal on systemic and entity cyber risk to the DHS CYRIE program and CISA; a proposal on supply chain regulations in the defense industrial base supply chain was submitted to both CYRIE and CISA; and a proposal examining how investments in specific cybersecurity controls change risk probabilities and outcomes was submitted to both CYRIE and CISA.
  • LEGISLATIVE HILL MEETINGS – ISA met with Hill staff on cyber security issues, including, Casey Denoyer, Office of Rep. Haley Stevens, and Sarah Moxley, Minority staff member, House Homeland Security Committee (staffing ranking member Rep. Mike Rogers and cybersecurity subcommittee ranking member Rep. John Katko) promoting ISA’s cybersecurity public policy.
  • EUROPEAN CONFEDERATION OF DIRECTORS ASSOCIATIONS (ecoDa) (THE EUROPEAN EQUIVALENT OF THE NACD) TO CREATE A PAN-EUROPEAN VERSION OF THE CYBER RISK HANDBOOK – ISA has accepted an offer from ecoDa to to participate in ecoDa’s spring board meeting on May 23 in Brussels and, following that, conduct a Cyber risk handbook workshop similar to those we conducted in London, Frankfurt, Bogata, and Mexico City last year. Based on the input from the workshop, and subsequent international webinars (and input from NACD and the ISA board as we update the U.S. Handbook) we will produce a pan-European edition to be published later this year or early in 2020.
  • DHS TO FORMALLY ENDORSE THE THIRD EDITION OF THE CYBER RISK HANDBOOK FOR CORPORATE BOARDS – Director of the National Risk Management Center at the Department of Homeland Security, Bob Kolasky, confirmed that DHS will once again participate in, and formally endorse the third edition of the Cyber Risk Handbook for Corporate Boards which the ISA produces for the NACD. The NACD Handbook is the only private sector produced document DHS formally endorses. DHS has committed to participating at the National Press Club event ISA and NACD will sponsor with the publication of the new edition next January.