ISA 2019 January Highlights

February 1, 2019

Internet Secrity Alliance (ISA) Highlights January 2019

  • ISA BOARD QUARTERLY MEETING – ISA holds Winter Board Conference Call conference call covering CYRIE Program; NACD Board Cyber Risk Update; Publication of Latin American Boards Cyber Risk Handbook; and the 116th Congress. Three new sponsors are introduced, Lisa Humbert, representing Union Bank; Jonathan Goldberger, representing Unisys and Mike Papay representing Northrup Grumman.
  • LATIN AMERICAN CYBER RISK HANDBOOK – ISA, in cooperation with the Organization OF American States (OAS), held on-line webinars to solicit review and comments for the production of a Latin American of a Cyber Risk Handbook for Latin American Boards of Directors in December. The book has been sent to OAS for translation and production. ISA is working on a distribution plan with OAS.
  • ISA PARTICIPANTS ON NACD SPONSORED CYBERSECURITY STAKEHOLDER MEETING – comprised of government and industry representation the meeting focus is on development of an avenue for public/private information sharing on cyber threats. The January meeting identified effective practices and considerations for government leaders, C-suite executives and board members related to pre-breach information sharing.