ISA Highlighted Monthly Activity for October & November 2015

December 1, 2015

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers releases its annual Global Information Security Survey and cites the ISA/AIG produced “Cyber Risk Handbook, published by the National Association of Corporate Directors for helping to increase private investment in cyber security by 24% and improving communication between boards and management on cyber issues.

  • ISA board of directors meets privately with WH senior adviser for cyber security Michael Daniel

  • ISA board meets privately with House Homeland Security Chairman Mike McCall to discuss strategy for moving information sharing legislation through the upcoming conference committee

  • ISA board meets privately with the Chairman of the House Emerging Threats Subcommittee Joe Wilson to discuss evolution of APT style attacks

  • ISA board meet privately with Chairman of House Science and Technology Committee Lamar Smith who asks ISA to testify at upcoming hearing on things the government needs to learn from the private sector

  • ISA board meets privately with DHS Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security Andy Ozment to discuss how to make government information sharing programs more timely and actionable

  • ISA board meets privately with NIST to discuss what ought to be included in the upcoming Request For Information to review progress on the NIST Framework

  • ISA board meets with representatives of the US Trade Representative office to discuss implementation of President’s Executive Order focused on stopping nation state based cyber attacks that steal private IP

  • ISA board meets with President and senior staff of the National Association of Corporate Directors to discuss developing a certificate level training program on cyber security for corporate boards based on ISA/AIG developed handbook

  • ISA annual Board Fall Salon dinner with representatives of the press from Washington Post, CNN, Politico and Inside Cyber Security (off-the record)

  • ISA board receives briefing from DLA Piper on evolution of DLA’s world-wide regulation tracking service which is provided free to ISA board companies

  • ISA board meets with representatives of ASIS to discuss ASIS proposal jointly produce standards better integrating physical and cyber security

  • Center for Audit Quality makes first presentation to ISA board outlining plans to work with ISA to update audit procedures in the digital age

  • McKinsey makes presentation to ISA board on ongoing joint project between ISA, the privacy community and senior government representatives to find common ground on privacy and security issues

  • IT Sector Coordinating Council (ISA serves on its board) meets with DHS Assistant Secretary Greg Touhill to discuss partnerships for 2016

  • ISA President Larry Clinton Keynotes NY Stock Exchange conference on cyber security and corporate boards

  • ISA President Larry Clinton represents private sector in speech to annual DHS IT/Communications “Quad Meeting” focused on cyber resilience