ISA Highlights July 2018

August 8, 2018


  • ISA ATTENDS DHS CYBER SUMMIT – ISA participated in the National Cyber Security Summit in New York City. Headliners at the Summit included Vice President Pence, DHS Secretary Neilson, DOE Secretary Perry, NSA Cyber Command lead General Nakasone, FBI Director Wray and DHS Undersecretary Kris Krebs. Cited ISA by name (the only organization singled out) during his luncheon Keynote for providing the key insight to the “Collective Defense” l for cyber security that was the main theme of the event. Many of the policy positions embedded in the “Collective Defense” White Paper created by the joint Policy Leadership Working Group (ISA was the industry co-chair) were championed throughout the day. Among the initiatives announced were; the creation of a National Risk Management Center; the importance of the economics of cybersecurity, which favor the attackers, creating new incentives to fill the gap between commercial and national cyber defense—particularly with respect to securing the cyber supply chain, stressing increasing the emphasis on cyber law enforcement efforts and the importance of establishing good economic incentives to encourage private investment.
  • ISA HOSTS THE GERMAN GOVERNMENT’S LEADER ON CYBER SECURITY – BSI PRESIDENT ARNE SCHOENBOHM – ISA hosted a private dinner, for long time ISA partner BSI President Arne Schoenbohm. ISA and BSI have recently competed a joint project creating a Cyber Risk Handbook for corporate boards of directors based on the original handbook ISA created for the National Association of Corporate Directors but adapted specifically for the German environment. As was the case in the USA where DHS endorsed the Handbook, the German Government endorsed this version. Discussion topics included the need for greater government spending on cybersecurity and cyber law enforcement; the need to expand the working relationships between BSI and ISA; and to continue development of strong partnerships among nations and between nations and their private sectors.
  • ISA MEETS WITH ORGAINZATION OF AMERICAN STATES (OAS) TO DESIGN COLLABORATIVE PROJECT – ISA Staff met with OAS representatives to begin planning for the upcoming October cyber handbook workshops to be held in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. The workshops are scheduled for the week of October 15, with the intention of publishing the Spanish edition of the handbook by the end of the year. ISA is also discussing with member sponsors on a Portuguese edition of the handbook as well. ISA also held meetings with various representatives of organizations to publicize the workshops and obtain help in publicizing the event including the US Chamber; Women Corporate Directors; and other consultants.
  • ISA AND BETTER BUSINESS BRUREAU PROPOSE JOINT PROJECT TO DHS ON ENHANCING CYBER SECURITY FOR SMALLER COMPANIES AND PART OF NATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION PLAN CHALLENGE – ISA and the Better Business Bureau proposed to DHS a program that would assess the Cyber Security Framework developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST CSF) on small companies to test if use of the CSF was effective in reducing cyber risk and if the mitigation techniques were also cost effective.
  • ISA PROPOSED PROGRAM TO ASSIST REGULATORS IN IMPROVING AND STREAMLINING CYBER REGULATIONS – ISA partnered with Contexture on a proposal to apply sophisticated content analytics and machine learning to the regulatory process as a method to streamline and reduce redundant, inconsistent and conflicting cyber security regulations that are now growing in an uncoordinated fashion in states localities and across the world at the nation state level. These redundant regulations are wasting scarce cyber security resources and are thus hampering cyber security.
  • DHS RESEARCH PROGRAM CYBER SECURITY ECONOMICS – ISA is working with sponsor members and consultants to prepare proposals to apply for research grants from a newly organized DHS program on the economics of cyber security. ISA expects to submit proposals to the DHS in August.
  • ISA PARTICIPATES IN PANEL ON CYBER SECURITY FOR MEMBER NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MANUFACTURERS ISA – President Clinton presented and participated on a panel on Public-Private Efforts to Influence Policy and Better Cybersecurity Outcomes.