ISA Highlights June 2018

July 3, 2018


  • POLICY LEADERSHIP WORKING GROUP – The joint government Policy Leadership Working Group (ISA IOS industry co-chair, DHS is the government co-chair) presented their joint white paper on Cyber Security Collective Defense to Jeanette Manfra US Assistant secretary for Cyber Security. The white paper advocates many ISA policy positions including the need for a greater emphasis on economics based risk management in face of nation state attacks, the need for incentives development, cost benefit analysis of programs like NIST CSF and increased emphasis on law enforcement.
  • NEW CYBER LEAD ACCEPTS ISA POLICY – Chris Krebs was unanimously confirmed by the Senate as the new DHS Undersecretary and designated as the lead official on cyber security in the absence of the recently abolished cyber coordinator position. In his first official prevention to Congress Undersecretary Krebs indicated support for the Collective Defense model outlined in the Policy Leadership white paper and in particular for the need to develop incentives to close the economic delta between private sector and public sector cyber risk management — accessing ISA proposed language from the National Infrastructure Protection Plan.
  • OAS TO COLLABORATE WITH ISA ON CYBER SECURITY FOR BOARDS – The Organization of American States proposes a Memo of Understanding with ISA to conduct workshops on cyber security for corporate boards throughout Latin America this October leading to a Spanish language edition of the Cyber Risk Management Handbook for Corporate Directors. This will be the forth adapted version of the Handbook produced by ISA covering the U.S., UK, Germany and now Latin America.
  • EUROPEAN DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION TO COLLABORATE WITH ISA ON CYBER SECURITY FOR BOARDS – The board of directors of the European Conference of Directors Institutes (ecoDa) votes to solicit ISA’s assistance in developing an EU-wide version of the Cyber Risk Handbook in 2019.
  • ISA TEACHES COURSE ON CYBER SECURITY FOR SENIOR MANAGERS AT WHARTON GRADUATE SCHOOL – ISA in conjunction nation with board sponsors Tim McKnight (Thompson Reuters); Gary McAlum (USAA); Tracie Grella (AIG); and Brett Rogers (E&Y) team teach one-day course on cyber security for ABA Stonier Graduate Program for Financial Services Executives. Wharton School asks ISA to repeat course in 2019.
  • ISA BOARD QUARTERLY MEETING – ISA holds summer board conference call covering the above items as well as progress on regulatory streamlining, work with NIST on developing metrics to evaluate effectiveness of NIST CSF, launching of new bi-weekly ISA policy reports. Two new sponsors are introduced, John Frazzini representing SSIC and Greg Montana representing FIS.
  • ISA PARTICIPATES IN WORKSHOP ON CYBER SECURITY FOR CORPORATE BOARDS – ISA President Clinton presented and participated in two-day workshop on cyber risk oversight for boards of directors sponsored by EY.