ISA 2019 May Highlights

June 3, 2019

 ISA May Highlights 2019

  • At the request of the US Department of Homeland Security’s National Risk Management Center – ISA conducts a one-hour webinar on systemic cyber risk exclusively for DHS. Webinar is part of an ongoing discussion between ISA and DHS regarding how industry and government can best collaborate to develop a researched based understanding of systemic cyber risk consistent with the new DHS cyber security strategy unveiled at last year’s Cyber Security Summit. DHS is considering a proposal from the ISA for a collaborative research program that would leverage the knowledge and experience of the ISA board highlighting the risk assessment experience from AIG and the economics-based models for cyber risk assessment developed by SSIC to inform current policy development such as the development of the first national cyber risk registry.
  • ISA meets with the board of the European Confederation of Directors Associations (ecoDa) in Brussels – The ecoDa board meeting includes a workshop, conducted by ISA for the purpose of developing a cyber-risk oversight handbook for corporate boards, similar to the volume ISA has created for the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) in the US, but adapted to the unique needs of European Union markets.
  • ISA completes a cyber-risk oversight handbook for Latin American corporate boards in partnership with the Organization of American States – This handbook will be the fifth handbook for corporate boards that ISA has produced, following two U.S. editions, a UK edition, and a German edition.
  • As a board member of the Multi-Association Framework Development Initiative (MAFDI) – ISA proposes the trade associations operating under the MAFDI integrate advocacy for the use of modern economics-based modeling as an appropriate basis for regulators defining due-diligence.
  • ISA helps organize and participate in the second of a series of meetings sponsored by the NACD with DHS, FBI, Treasury and Commerce – to better define the role for boards of directors to play in working with the government on cyber security
  • Confederation of ISA Japanese trade associations meets with ISA in Washington to proposed partnership with ISA – to develop edition Japanese edition of its cyber-risk oversight handbook for corporate boards. This would be the 4th continent for which ISA is providing adapted versions of the cyber risk handbook for corporate boards.
  • US Department of Commerce requests ISA conduct a webinar sponsored by Commerce – on the evolution of cyber risk and the evolution of modern methods of risk assessment and the role of economics in assessing and combating modern cyber-attacks.