ISA Highlights November 2018

December 5, 2018

 ISA HIGHLIGHTS November 2018

  • ISA appears on CNN BUSINESS WATCH – Friday afternoon at 3 PM eastern to discuss impact of Marriott Hotels data breach including the limited impact regulatory mandates will have on preventing breaches and the need for structural  reforms including altering economic incentives, expanding educational efforts and strengthens law enforcement capabilities to fight cyber crime.
  • National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) –  requests ISA President and 3 ISA board members to provide NACDs technical assistance in NACD’s first meeting with SEC, FBI and DHS to discuss  greater involvement of corporate boards in the development of cyber security policies including information sharing and broader economic analysis of cyber impacts. ISA Board Members Tracie Grella (AIG), Greg Montana (FISGlobal) and Catherine Ide (CAQ) were in attendance. As well as Mr. Clinton represented ISA.  Government agencies included the SEC, DHS, FBI and Treasury. The conversation at the 3-hour meeting was wide-ranging, covering not only the primary topic — information sharing — but also the need for greater, and more sincere public-private engagement beyond information sharing.
  • ISA PRESENTED AT NIST’s CYBER RISK MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE Cyber Security Metrics and Benchmarking Roundtable November 9, on developing cyber risk management measures and metrics.  The session was sponsored by the UK Government Department for Digital  Culture Media and Sport, Baltimore, Maryland.
  • ISA, IN COOPERATION WITH THE ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES – held on-line webinars for the development of a Latin American of a Cyber Risk Handbook for Latin American Boards of Directors.  These workshops were held online to enable as many interested participants to review and offer comment for the handbook.  Publication of the Latin American Cyber Risk Handbook for Corporate Boards is expected by the end of the year.
  • ISA MEETS WITH ROBERT KOLASKY’S OFFICE AT DHS – regarding the CYRIE program and ISA member interest.
  • ISA MEETS WITH ESI THOUGHTLAB AND BOARD MEMBERS, AIG AND SSIC – on the entity and systemic risk project from the CYRIE Program.
  • ISA MEETS WITH CYBER SECURITY COUNCIL OF GERMANY – to discuss common interests and partnerships.
  • ISA Provides keynote address at NYU UNIVERSITY URGENT THREATS FORUM – forum dealt with a wide range of urgent threats including infectious desires, natural disasters, international terrorism and lone wolf shootings.  ISA was chosen to provide the basis for the cyber security discussion.