ISA September 2020 Highlights

October 5, 2020

  • World Economic Forum formally proposes partnership with Internet Security Alliance and National Association of Corporate Directors in the form of a Memo of Understanding (MOU) among the three organizations.  The MOU states the three entities will work together to develop consensus principles for corporate boards to follow as they address cyber risk (based on the ISA/NACD handbooks) and develop metrics for assessing if these principles actually produce a series of cybersecurity benefits such as improved risk management, closer alignment of cybersecurity with business goals, improved budgeting and creating a culture of security. The projects are targeted to be able to be presented at WEF Globe Cybersecurity Conference in summer 2021.
  • ISA submits manuscript for a book on cybersecurity public policy to Georgetown University Press.  Book is 13 chapters and written by more than a dozen members of the ISA board. Originally called volume three in ISA’s Social Contract books, GUP has requested a new name so as not to create confusion among the volumes.  The new name will be Incentivizing Cybersecurity: Creating a Strategic Public-Private partnership.  The book is scheduled for publication in Spring 2021.
  • ISA initiates social media program to promote the ideas in the new book coordinated with the next Congress and Administration.  Program will commence in fall 2020 and continue through spring 2021 at which point the Incentivizing Cybersecurity book will be published. Social media camping has goals of reorienting cybersecurity discussion within the beltway and promoting the publication of the book.
  • USA TODAY publishes feature column on cyber security. Authored by ISA president Clinton
  • ISA initiates discussion with APAC representatives to produce a pan-Asian version of the Cybersecurity handbook for corporate boards following the model ISA used in 2019 to produce a pan-Latin American version of the book with the Organization of American States.
  • ISA is appointed to the IT Sector Coordinating Council Select Working Group to redefine and update the Mission of the Enduring Security Framework (ESF). ESF is a unique public private partnership which is a coalition of the IT SCC, DHS, NAS, DoD and the DIB
  • ISA submits detailed comments to DHS on updating the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP).  ISA comments stress the need for greater work on systemic risk as well as increased attention to issues such as cybercrime in addition to precenting disruption in critical infrastructure.
  • ISA Chairs panel for FAIRCON (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) focused on using empirical and economics-based methods for oversight of cyber risk.  ISA board member Lou DeSorbo and ISA partner Daniel Dobrygowski of the World Economic forum join ISA President Larry Clinton on the panel.
  • ISA is featured in podcase sponsored by Diligent.