January-February 2014 Monthly Highlights

February 20, 2014

ISA Accomplishments and Activities for January-February 2014

  • ISA released its annual membership satisfaction survey reporting on ISA effectiveness in achieving association goals.  A “perfect score” is a 5.0. Sponsor companies rated ISA 4.87 on thought leadership, 4.83 on public policy advocacy, 4.54 on promoting security standards and practices.
  • In recognition of its “leadership” in the crafting and developing of the President’s Executive Order, President Obama’s senior cyber policy advisor, Michael Daniel, invited ISA to the White House for the official release of the NIST Framework and a discussion of next steps.
  • ISA asked to meet privately with senior WH staff at WH Conference Center to discuss the NIST Framework,the DHS Voluntary Program rollout, and work on incentives.
  • ISA released detailed analysis of progress on President’s Executive Order on cybersecurity.  ISA praised the non-regulatory approach taken by the President and NIST process, but called for greater work to be done setting clear goals, demonstrating cost-effectiveness, systematically testing the Framework, and focusing greater attention on sophisticated attacks.
  • ISA Board approved proposal from Carnegie Mellon University for a joint project to assess the cost-effectiveness of the NIST Framework in a manner consistent with President Obama’s Executive Order on cybersecurity.
  • Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security (PCIS) endorsed best practices for managing the public-private partnership developed by the ISA led committee under the IT SCC. PCIS will propose that these best practices be included in a Memo of Understanding between DHS and PCIS to implement the new National Infrastructure Protection Plan.
  • ISA Chairs the Annual Meeting of the IT Sector Coordinating Council.
  • ISA re-elected to the Executive Committee of the IT SCC.
  • ISA signed a collaboration agreement with the Cyber Security Council-Germany.
  • ISA President invited by Council on Foreign Relations to a small, salon dinner with Vice Rear Admiral Michael Rogers, the newly nominated head of the NSA & US Cyber Command.
  • ISA participated in initial meetings with WH and DHS on implementation of the new National Infrastructure Protection Plan and the Voluntary Program (now known as the “C-Cubed Voluntary Program”) to promote the use of the NIST Framework.