July 2021 Highlights

August 13, 2021

ISA’s “Re-Think Cybersecurity” Social media campaign, coupled with its traditional lobbing efforts, resulted in numerous legislative victories in July.  These included: 

The House Appropriations bill adopted numerous ISA policy recommendations including:  

  • Increased funding for cyber law enforcement and cyber education. 
  • Establishing an initiative to understand and price cyber risk and create more accurate risk models, adopting an economic view of cybersecurity as opposed to a technical operations viewpoint. 
  • Additional funding to support small manufacturers in responding to cyber-attacks and identifying priorities for small business cyber risk management initiatives.

In addition, following ISA’s call that government vastly increase the amount of money the government spends on cybersecurity the bipartisan infrastructure packages significantly increases funding for cybersecurity. 

  • The infrastructure bill includes $20 million for cyber response and recovery, including additional funding for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the new White House Office of the National Cyber Director. 
  • The infrastructure bill would also offer an additional $35 million to support stakeholder engagement and public private partnerships on cybersecurity.

In addition to the legislative victories other ISA July highlights included: 

  • ISA and The German Government (BSI) launched the process for creation of the second edition of the German Cyber Risk handbook for corporate board oversight of cybersecurity 
  • Baker Hughes agrees to join the ISA board as the 24th ISA sponsor