June 2014 Monthly Highlights

August 4, 2014

Internet Security Alliance Highlighted Activities — June 2014

  • ISA, in conjunction with the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and AIG, published the first Handbook for corporate boards of directors focused on cybersecurity. The document is important in that it, for the first time, places cyber security within the context corporate boards focus on such as growth and profitability and also because NACD provides a direct communication link to corporate boards.
  • ISA President Clinton first presented on “Corporate Strategy for Cyber Security at the board level and then moderated a panel on the same topic at the National Association of Corporate Directors first conference focused exclusively on cyber security for corporate boards, sponsored by NACD in Chicago. Three other ISA Board members – Marc Sachs of Verizon and Gil Vega of AIG and Carnegie Mellon University (also contributors to the ISA/NACD handbook) also presented at the conference.
  • ISA President Clinton and Vodafone Director Richard Knowlton met with senior staff and board members of the Cyber Security Council of Germany in Berlin and agreed on a joint meeting in Washington for fall of 2014
  • ISA President Clinton met with Ambassador Heiamin of the German National Academy for Security Policy and other German officials to discuss greater German-US cooperation on cyber security in Berlin
  • ISA President Clinton and Director Ngyuen of CSG met with Steve Purser of ENISA European Union Network and Information Security Agency in Nice France
  • ISA President Larry Clinton presented at the TMF World Forum in Nice France to discuss the growing cyber threat and the need for an international solution.
  • ISA President Clinton and Vodafone Director Knowlton held a series of  organizational/recruitment meetings in London for the Internet Security Alliance for Europe (ISAFE) companies as diverse as British Aerospace, Royal Bank of Scotland, BMW, Interconnect Communications,  Atos and Lloyds participated
  • ISA President Clinton presented at the 14th Annual Conference on the Economics of Cyber Security co-sponsored by the DHS on cyber security Incentives.
  • As the co-chair of the FCC CISRIC Working Group on Barriers to NIST Framework implementation, ISA led discussions with several cross-sector industry executives to determine what these barriers to NIST implementation might be.
  • As a member of the IT Sector Coordinating Council Executive Committee, ISA finalized meetings with senior DHS leadership including deputy assistant secretary for cybersecurity operations and programs Greg Touhill, and Assistant Secretary Cybersecurity and Communications Andy Ozment.
  • ISA President Clinton met with leadership of the American National Standards Association in New York to discuss ANSI collaboration in ISA’s upcoming cyber Trak product