March 2013 ISA Monthly Highlights

July 16, 2013

ISA Accomplishments and Activities for March 2013

  • ISA Board of Directors  approves multi-point strategy for responding to President Obama’s Executive Order on cyber security,  including:
    • developing ISA framework based on empirical measures of success and ISA member’s security practices;
    • integrating member companies into new information sharing regimes;
    • coordinating ISA activities with other interested entities, including SCCs, PCIS, CSCSWG, and others, to reduce member burden; and
    • coordinating Executive Order activities with Capitol Hill by meeting with both the Chairman and Chief Minority Staff of the Homeland Security Committee.
  • ISA assists member companies in becoming directly involved in the eight task forces established to implement the President’s Executive Order, namely the Stakeholder Engagement, Cyber-Dependent Infrastructure Identification, Planning and Evaluation, Situational Awareness and Information Exchange, Incentives, NIST Framework, Civil Liberties, and R&D Working Groups.
  • Working in its capacity as Chair of the IT SCC, ISA works with DHS to develop a visual list and dashboard of Executive Order programs and meetings to make membership involvement easier to track and participate in (ISA intends to update this tool on a weekly basis).
  • ISA is selected by the Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security as the lead coordinating entity for all 18 critical industry sectors in addressing incentives for voluntary adoption of the security Framework described in the President’s Executive Order.
  • ISA drafts response to Notice of Inquiry on developing a baseline cyber security framework issued by the Department of Commerce.
  • ISA, acting as Chair of the IT Sector Coordinating Council, presents study on best practices for public-private partnerships at meeting of the Obama Administration’s Integrated Task Force on Presidential Policy Directive 21.
  • ISA participates in the Cyber-Dependent Infrastructure Identification Working Group (CDIIWG) “kick-off” meeting, which is tasked with identifying critical infrastructure at the greatest risk as directed in the Presidential Executive Order.
  • ISA leads PCIS delegation at DHS, Treasury, and Commerce’s Integrated Task Force Incentives Working Group “kick-off” meeting.
  • DHS’s Executive Order Integrated Task Force singles out ISA reports on infrastructure protection in publicly circulated materials; ISA is the only private sector entity with its own category of materials cited in these review materials.
  • ISA appointed Chair of IT Sector Coordinating Council Policy Committee.
  • Acting as IT SCC Chair, ISA participates in joint industry-government Task Force on Supply Chain Management.
  • ISA President keynotes ACAMS & International Financial Crime Conference in Hollywood, Florida.
  • ISA President Keynotes Alliance to Secure Protected Health Information Conference in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • ISA addresses insurance industry on security best practices in Stowe, Vermont.