March 2014 Monthly Highlights

May 7, 2014

ISA Accomplishments and Activities for March 2014

  • National Association of Corporate Directors commissions ISA, in conjunction with AIG, to draft a best practices document targeted to U.S. Boards of Directors.  ISA is also asked to present at NACD’s first national conference devoted to the critical issue of getting corporate boards more educated about cyber security in Chicago this coming June at which time the best practice document will be released. The document will then be sent to all 2400 of NACD’s members who serve on corporate Boards. A first draft has been written and is currently under review by the ISA Board of Directors.
  • ISA asked to serve as industry Co-Chair for the Federal Communications Commission’s Communications Security Reliability and Interoperability Council (CSRIC) Working Group Four “Barriers to Implementation” team.  The CSRIC team is an advisory panel to the FCC charged with adapting current telecom cyber security practices to the NIST Framework and creating a new collaborative voluntary model. ISA was asked to assist with this working group to integrate the ISA “Social Contract” principles, which call for market incentives as opposed to regulatory mandates, in promoting improved cyber security.
  • Financier Worldwide published an adaptation of the ISA booklet “Advanced Persistent Threat: Practical Controls That SMB Leaders Should Consider Implementing” as part of its spring edition.  Financier Worldwide is targeted to senior executives in Europe.
  • ISA addresses Global Privacy Seminar in Washington, D.C.
  • ISA in, cooperation with Carnegie Mellon University, participates in program on “Analysis of Risk and Cyber Security Solutions.”
  • ISA addresses AIG winter summit in Stowe, Vermont on how the NIST framework integrates into cyber insurance issues.
  • ISA Addresses annual International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) conference in Washington, D.C.
  • ISA President meets with DHS Assistant Secretary of Cyber Security Bobbie Stempfley to discuss new cyber security structure at DHS and how private sector can best work with the new DHS team.
  • ISA appointed to the joint industry-government implementation team for the recently released National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP).