May 2014 Monthly Highlights

June 4, 2014

Internet Security Alliance Highlighted Activities; May 2014

  • ISA, along with the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and AIG, finalize draft of best practices for corporate directors based on input from ISA Board of Directors. The document will be released in June at the first ever conference focused exclusively on cyber security for corporate boards sponsored by NACD in Chicago. In addition to ISA President Clinton both moderating and presenting at this event (the only trade association represented other than NACD) two other ISA Board members (Marc Sachs of Verizon and Gil Vega of AIG—also contributors to the best practices document) will present
  • ISA asked to participate in joint industry government ad hoc working group designed to set goals and expectations for the implementation of the NIST framework. In addition to ISA, representation comes from the White House, DHS, Treasury, DOE, DOD, NIST, FCC as well as industry representatives from US Chamber, ITI, US Telecom, NCTA
  • DHS accepts as part of proposed Memo of Understanding for operating the public private partnership under the National Infrastructure Protection Plan set of best practices written by ISA President Clinton in his role as Chair of the IT Sector Coordinating Council. The  best practices had previously been endorsed by the Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Protection — the coordinating body for all 18 critical industry sectors— and is now embraced by the government as part of its operational plan for working with industry in the future
  • ISA formally appointed as co-chair of FCC CSRIC Working Group on barriers to implementation of NIST Framework
  • ISA presents at panel focused on “Making the NIST Framework practical for industry” at US TLECOM event featuring new DHS Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security Andy Ozment and Samara Moore from the White House
  • ISA provides keynote address at forum on cyber insurance and its role in incentivizing improved cyber security in critical infrastructure
  • ISA Featured on CNN International addressing the need for greater collaboration between US. And the international community on cyber security