May 2015

August 3, 2015

ISA Highlighted Activity for May 2015


  • White House senior advisor for cyber security, Ari Schwartz briefed the ISA board of directors to discuss the recent information sharing “ISAO” initiative and the need for increased law enforcement on cyber security.


  • The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) made a presentation to the ISA board of directors to suggest a partnership between ISA and ANSI seeking DHS’s $11 million grant to set the rules for information sharing organizations (ISAOs)


  • DHS Deputy Assistant Secretary Brigadier Gen. (ret) Touhill provided a private briefing on DHS information sharing programs Trusted Automated Exchange of Indicator Information (TAXII,) & the Structured Threat Information Expression STIX and Enhanced Cybersecurity Services (ECS) program and to solicit ISA feedback on how these programs


  • Barry Westreich, Staff Director for the Federal Interagency Cybersecurity Forum (Federal regulatory Agencies) met privately with the ISA board to discuss the Interagency Forum’s plans and solicit ISA board thoughts for how they ought to proceed.


  • DHS asked ISA to participate in their upcoming workshops on cybersecurity for small to medium-sized enterprises featuring ISA’s publication on small companies fighting APTs


  • The ISA board approved a proposal initiated by former RSA CEO Art Coviello to reach out to the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and engage them in a dialogue designed to bring the security and privacy communities together on public policy. The first meeting will take place at Board Chair Jeff Brown’s office on 6/9/15


  • The ISA board of directors met privately with Allan Friedman from the National Telecommunications and Information Agency (NTIA) within the Department of Commerce to discuss how the Executive branch, may best work with the private sector in the post NIST Framework era.


  • ISA submitted comments to the National Telecommunications and Information Agency (NTIA). ISA called upon NTIA to fulfill the work outlined in the President’s Executive Order to prioritize and pilot test the NIST framework to determine cost-effectiveness.


  • ISA President and CEO Larry Clinton addressed the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Strategy and Risk Forum in San Diego on the cyber threat.


  • ISA President Larry Clinton was asked to keynote the Tripwire Webcast “Improve Your Board’s Cyber Literacy” where he discussed cybersecurity as a boardroom issue and boardroom trends relating to cyber.