November 2014

January 7, 2015

ISA Monthly Highlights for November 2014

  • ISA, as well as ISA’s European affiliate the Internet Security Alliance for Europe (ISAFE) participated in the Network Information Security (NIS) Platform workshop sponsored by the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. ISA, through its joint white paper with the Cyber Security Council of Germany and ISAFE’s own white paper on cyber security —both of which endorse the ISA social Contract model — advocated for a move away from the traditional European regulatory approach in favor of a risk management approach consistent with President Obama’s Executive Order. The sessions focused on the US approach featuring the NIST Framework and other policy proposals such as the development of market incentives.
  • ISA and ISAFE also participated in the NIS Platform Plenary Meeting in Brussels Belgium. ISA and ISAFE were active participants and has pledged to EU representatives to provide several ISA publications which may be helpful to the EU process such as the Handbook for Corporate Boards of Directors published by the National Association of Corporate Directors and ISA’s publication on best practices for small and mid-sized companies combating APT style attacks in a cost effective manner. ISAFE has agreed to consider separate programs to further adapt these publications to the uniqueness of the European culture.
  • RSA Executive Chairman Art Coviello prominently featured the Internet Security Alliance in a speech given to the Evanta CISO Summit and publically announces RSA joining ISA at the board and urged others to join ISA
  • ISA coordinated and participated in the IT Sector Coordinator Council (ITSCC) / Communications Sector Coordinating Council (CSCC) Annual “Quad” meeting as a part of the ITSCC Executive Committee. Government representatives present at the meeting included Roberta Stempfley, Assistant Secretary of the Office of Cybersecurity and Communications (CS&C); and Phyllis Schneck, Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications for the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD). ISA met privately with Dr. Schneck last month.
  • SC Magazine published a feature article on ISA and the Internet Security Alliance for Europe (ISAFE) highlighting ISA’s influence in public policy.