ISA November 2019 Highlights

January 6, 2020


  • National Association of Corporate Directors awards ISA’s President status as member of the NACD board fellowship — designating him to NACD’s highest level of knowledge and impact in the field of corporate governance. Award is based on the long standing work done by the entire ISA with and for the National Association of Corporate Directors.
  • ISA together with the Communications Media Association of India and the Roundtable of Security Executives of India (industry-government partnership for cyber security in India) announce the joint development of a Cyber Risk Handbook for Corporate Boards of Directors in India. This will be the 7th unique handbook ISA will produce for corporate board associations covering 5 different counties (US, UK, Germany, Japan, India) and two regional handbooks covering the UK and Latin America through the OAS) on 4 continents. All handbooks are based on the NACD model written by the ISA board and in most cases include government endorsement (US, Germany, OAS, and India).
  • DHS Director for the National Risk Management Center, Bob Kolasky, keynotes ISA sponsored joint program at Organization of American States featuring ISA, DHS, OAS and the Cyber Security Council of Germany to discuss similarities and differences in cyber security risk management in the US, Europe and Latin America — and how a unified perspective among these players is required to create an internationally sustainable system of cyber security.
  • Speaking in his role as Industry co-Chair of DHS Policy Leadership Working Group on Collective Defense ISA President Clinton keynotes Advanced Cyber Security Conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston. Also participates as outside advisor in newly established “Law and Technology” working group.
  • ISA President Clinton provides one of three Keynote addresses at the International Conference on Cyber Crime and Cyber Law in New Delhi, India. Other keynotes provided by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India and the India Minister of Defense. ISA Keynote is on “Lack of Progress in Fighting Cyber Crime and Necessary Next Steps”.
  • ISA President Clinton Chairs and participates in two panels at the International Conference on Cyber Law and Cyber Crime, one on broadening the perspective on cyber risk management beyond the IT departments and one of uses of liability and safe-harbor to promote better cyber security.
  • ISA President keynotes Annual meeting of Spanish Board of Directors Association, Madrid Spain. Keynote topic “Emerging Role for International Boards in Addressing Global Cyber Threats”.
  • ISA receives award from Roundtable of Security Executives for Outstanding Contributions in Promoting Effective Cyber Security Practices and Policies.