October 2013 Monthly Highlights

January 15, 2014

ISA Accomplishments and Activities for October 2013

  • President Obama’s Chief Cybersecurity Advisor, Michael Daniel, was the guest of honor at ISA’s annual fall “Salon Dinner.”
  • ISA Board Holds Two-Hour “Working Lunch” with DHS Under Secretary Suzanne Spaulding and Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity Dr. Phyllis Schneck – ISA Board held a two-hour “working lunch” with DHS’s new senior leadership team, Acting Under Secretary Suzanne Spaulding and Deputy Under Secretary Dr. Phyllis Schneck, to discuss DHS cyber priorities, the effect of the President’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity, and how the government industry relationship will transform based on the implementation of this EO in 2014.
  • ISA President Larry Clinton Was Designated the Sole Industry Keynote Speaker at NIST Cybersecurity Framework Roll-Out Event at the National Press Club – The so-called Cybersecurity Framework is being developed by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) as part of the President’s Executive Order on cyber security. NIST Director & Commerce Under Secretary Dr. Pat Gallagher provided the sole government keynote at the NPC roll out event and ISA President Clinton keynoted as industry’s representative. This is the second time ISA has been asked to provide the sole industry keynote at an official industry/government program related to the development of the President’s Executive Order. In June, ISA also filled that role at the DHS sponsored conference on the development of market incentives. At that time, DHS Acting Under Secretary Bruce McConnell was designated to speak for the government and ISA President Clinton was designated to speak for industry.
  • ISA Board Held Its Fourth Private Meeting with the NIST Drafting Team to Discuss Modifications to the Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework – ISA has participated in all 4 of the national workshops that NIST has held to solicit industry input on the framework.  These 2-day workshops draw hundreds of companies to participate in large meetings. ISA has supplemented that process with a series of meetings limited to the ISA Board and the NIST drafting team.
  • ISA Board Held Its Annual Fall Meeting in Washington, DC, to Consider the ISA’s New Three-Year Business Plan – During the meeting, the ISA Board discussed what projects to continue and launch (in addition to the public policy operation) as part of the new plan. Among the projects being developed are:
    • Creating an ISA-European affiliate (30 EU based companies met in London to consider this idea);
    • Launching “CyberTrak” – a one stop website to track cyber security laws and regulation on a world-wide and multi-jurisdictional basis;
    • Developing legislation, which will embed the ISA concepts of pro-market incentives as opposed to regulations as the proper motivational factor for increased investment in cyber security;
    • Creating a cybersecurity “best practices” targeted to the Board of Directors level;
    • Creating an automated system to make adoption of the Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework easier and simpler;
    • Creating a set of model contract provisions that can be used in applying the proposed NIST Cybersecurity Framework to vendors, partners and others; and
    • Becoming more involved in the ICANN designation of new top level domains from the security perspective.