September 2013 Monthly Highlights

January 15, 2014

ISA Accomplishments and Activities for September 2013

  • ISA Board Holds Third Meeting with Drafting Committee on Proposed U.S. Cyber Security Framework – Pursuant to President Obama’s Executive Order on cyber security, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been tasked with creating a cyber security framework in conjunction with the private sector.  The main vehicle for this effort has been a series of “workshops” around the country, which have been attended by more than a thousand corporate that have sought to provide input through this NIST process. While ISA has attended all the workshops, we have also held three private meetings between the ISA Board and the NIST drafting team to assure more concentrated and in-depth input from the ISA sponsors.  A fourth such meeting is scheduled in conjunction with the upcoming ISA fall Board meeting October 29.
  • ISA Addresses World Economic Forum (WEF) Conference on U.S. Cyber Security Framework – As work on the U.S. cyber security framework (including the nation-wide workshops) continues, ISA was asked by the WEF to conduct a 90-minute briefing/workshop on the subject at its conference on Global Risks in Berlin.  The goal of this ISA session (which had been coordinated with NIST ahead of the conference) was to gather more input from the international business community in hopes of making the U.S. framework a more global, as opposed to U.S.-centric, framework.
  • President’s Integrated Task Force Requests ISA Leadership on National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) – In addition to the NIST framework, the President’s Executive Order also calls for a re-write of the NIPP.  One of the core purposes of the NIPP is to describe the nature and underpinnings of the public-private partnership required in order to conduct effective homeland security in the digital age. Fundamental to this partnership is an articulation of the value proposition for industry participation, including the nature of cyber risk as faced by the private sector and in what instances it is similar and differs from risk as faced by the government.  The leadership of the President’s Integrated Task Force (ITF) requested ISA draft this critical section of the NIPP. A final adjudication for the NIPP was held just prior to the government shutdown, and final resolution of the ISA proposed language will await the government reopening.
  • Thirty Internationally Based Companies Meet in London to Discuss Creating an ISA Europe (ISA-E) – In light of the statements of ISA Sponsor Companies Vodafone and AVG that an EU-based organization similar to and affiliated with ISA would be valuable, ISA held a meeting in London to discuss the possible establishment of such an organization, an ISA-E.  The London meeting, was attended by over two dozen EU based companies and was chaired by ISA Director Knowlton of Vodafone.  Potential collaborator DLA Piper hosted the event at its offices.  The ISA Board will consider the organizational and political implications of this potential arraignment at its October meeting.