Some Reasons Why Cyber Regulation Doesn’t Work

Posted on February 4, 2021 at 1:47 pm

In previous posts we have documented that independent research shows that even the most highly regulated industries for cybersecurity such as health care and financial services are not achieving adequate levels of cybersecurity, and in fact don’t score better on security effectiveness than less regulated sectors like IT and professional services. We have also documented that even the highly regulated federal government sector scores poorly with respect to cybersecurity effectiveness.

Defining success and mapping the road ahead for public-private partnership and critical infrastructure cybersecurity

Posted on at 12:03 pm

Sean Atkins is a PhD candidate in security studies and international relations. His research focuses on national defense in cyberspace and cyber statecraft. He is also an active-duty US Air Force officer whose service ranges from national cyber policy development to multiple counterinsurgency operations deployments. FALL 20/WINTER 21 : précis Student Feature : Sean Atkins The recent […]