Internet Security Alliance – ISA

What is ISA?

Structured as a multi-sector international trade association, ISA is a unique organization. We combine the thought leadership of a think tank with the advocacy of a trade association and the programs of a professional association. Founded in 2001 in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, ISA has been out front on cyber security leadership for 15 years. Membership in ISA is open to public and private entities. Our current membership represents a wide range of industry – defense, insurance, banking, utility, manufacturing, IT, security, agribusiness, utilities, healthcare, retail, aerospace and cyber research industries. And, our Board of Directors are cyber security experts from these industries. Located in the Washington, DC, suburbs, ISA is on top of what is happening in the national arena and a dedicated participant in government developments, laws, policies and programs for cyber security. We provide expert testimony and thought leadership in government and serve as an expert witness to the press.

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What are The ISA Goals?

  1. To demonstrate thought leadership in advancing the development of a sustainable system of cyber security;
  2. To advocate for public policy that will advance the interests of cyber security; and
  3. To create increased awareness and programs that will result in more rapid adoption of cyber security standards, practices and technologies.

What is The ISA Mission?

Our mission is to combine technology, public policy and economics to create a sustainable system of cyber security

What is The ISA Approach.

ISA is Pro-Market when it comes to  Cyber Security. Government’s traditional regulatory model can never stay ahead of quickly evolving cyber threats. The job must be handled by the market, where a “bottom-line” incentive fuels the work. This Pro-Market Model is detailed in ISA’s book series “Social Contract” advancing the thought leadership philosophy that cyber security solutions come from the integration of technical and economic realities – not from rules and regs. Furthermore, ISA continues to initiate and operate pragmatic programs melding this Pro-Market approach into a more sustainable system of cyber security.

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