5,000 Practitioners Sign Up for ISA “Rethink Cyber” Campaign

Posted on April 9, 2021 at 10:00 am

Four months ago, the 22 sponsors of the Internet Security Alliance (ISA) launched an online campaign suggesting the need for the United States to rethink our approach to securing our cyber infrastructure. The theme seems to have growing resonance with both policymakers and the general cybersecurity community.

Federal officials stress unprecedented levels of coordination as lawmakers continue probe of SolarWinds

Posted on March 29, 2021 at 10:12 am

Senators on the Homeland Security Committee took their turn probing the federal response to the SolarWinds hack at a hearing that featured CISA, OMB and FBI officials citing extensive interagency cooperation, while lawmakers pressed on the need for more high-level direction and for upgrading the government’s overall approach to cyber defense. “After the SolarWinds hack […]

Lawmakers moving on cyber incident-reporting bills; industry hopes to nudge discussion away from regulatory mandates

Posted on at 10:09 am

Members of Congress are moving toward a legislative push for mandatory cyber-incident reporting by critical infrastructure operators, while industry groups are beginning to shape their arguments against establishing such a regulatory requirement in response to the SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange hacks. A source close to the House Homeland Security Committee told Inside Cybersecurity: “We’re in the […]

Internet Security Alliance, partners release consensus principles for boardroom cyber risk management

Posted on at 10:03 am

A trio of groups including the Internet Security Alliance has released a report offering “a cohesive, global, cross-border approach to cyber-risk governance” for corporate boards, with six principles that pull together consensus views developed by security and industry leaders in recent years. “Principles for Board Governance of Cyber Risk” was released today by ISA, the […]

Defining success and mapping the road ahead for public-private partnership and critical infrastructure cybersecurity

Posted on February 16, 2021 at 12:03 pm

Sean Atkins is a PhD candidate in security studies and international relations. His research focuses on national defense in cyberspace and cyber statecraft. He is also an active-duty US Air Force officer whose service ranges from national cyber policy development to multiple counterinsurgency operations deployments. FALL 20/WINTER 21 : précis Student Feature : Sean Atkins The recent […]

Internet Security Alliance launches ‘national dialogue’ on a critical new phase in cyber efforts

Posted on at 12:02 pm

The Internet Security Alliance wants to spark a dialogue in the cybersecurity community “around the idea that we need to re-examine the problem and do a lot more” to meet challenges in cyberspace that are gradually eroding the United States’ position as the world’s foremost economic, technological and military power. “We need to engage the […]

Internet Security Alliance: CMMC fails to account for the economics of small-business cybersecurity

Posted on at 12:01 pm

The Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program will fall short in securing the Defense Industrial Base because it fails to address underlying economic realities that limit how much small and mid-sized businesses can invest in cyber, according to the industry-based Internet Security Alliance. “However, it is sadly predictable that the CMMC, however much an improvement, […]

As holiday shopping season kicks in, cybersecurity group spotlights policy needs for securing retail sector

Posted on at 12:00 pm

Cyber vulnerabilities in the retail sector, always a hot topic during the holidays, require an examination of underlying economics and incentives that could drive improvements in retailers’ cybersecurity, according to an Internet Security Alliance assessment that tracks with the group’s prescription for shoring up cyber across critical infrastructure. “The retail sector is one of the […]

ISA’s Clinton cites need to go beyond NDAA in SolarWinds response; congressional researchers see ‘no easy fix’

Posted on at 11:58 am

Larry Clinton of the Internet Security Alliance says the massive SolarWinds hack highlights the need for a rethinking of cybersecurity policy that goes well beyond Cyberspace Solarium Commission recommendations folded into the national defense bill, while the Congressional Research Service has issued a paper saying “existing programs” were unlikely to have foiled the sophisticated infiltration […]

Industry cyber leader urges Biden: ‘Show us the money’ on commitment to cybersecurity

Posted on at 11:56 am

President-elect Biden should demonstrate his commitment to improving cybersecurity in the aftermath of SolarWinds by moving to close a “cyber investment gap” in which both U.S. industry and foreign adversaries are vastly outspending the United States government in key areas, according to Larry Clinton, head of the Internet Security Alliance. “With due respect, we might […]