ISA Briefs Congress On Information Sharing

July 5, 2012

Information sharing is one of the most important tools in implementing a sustainable system of cybersecurity. However, the traditional information sharing models have been proven generally to be of limited effectiveness in that many organizations cannot devote the resources to participate in an Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) and because many of the traditionally shared data points are not as helpful when dealing with modern, advanced threats.

ISA has briefed the Bipartisan Congressional Cyber Security Caucus on an alternative approach that would enable the elite entities that have the resources to detect advanced threats to come together and generate information that can be shared in a passive, easily actionable fashion for the tens of thousands of entities that are not now, nor will be, engaged in the current models.

In addition, this alternative ISA model developed by Jeff Brown of Raytheon would create incentives for participation at all levels of the process. The model is summarized in a white paper drafted by Mr. Brown and is also contained within ISA’s “Social Contract 2.0.”



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