ISA Hails Launch Of Digital Equilibrium Project

February 22, 2016



February 22, 2016 – WASHINGTON DC


The Internet Security Alliance (ISA) praised former RSA Chairman Art Coviello for bringing together an all-star team of cyber industry, government and privacy experts to resolve policy differences among the respective communities.

“The current differences between the privacy, industry and law enforcement communities have created a Gordian Knot that is strangling our ability to develop the aggressive policies we need to address the ever worsening cyber security environment,” said ISA President Larry Clinton.

“The current situation is both confounding and tragically ironic,” said Clinton. “It’s confounding because our inability to resolve our differences is preventing us from achieving goals we all aspire to – security, prosperity and privacy.  It’s ironic because the reality is we are all on the same side in this fight against the aggressive cyber attacking community. One of the most important things in life is to understand who your friends are —and we all ought to understand, we are actually friends and allies on this issue — or at least ought to be.”

Clinton said he was particularly pleased that he, and ISA Board vice Chair JR Williamson, Corporate CIO of Northup Grumman, had been asked to help represent corporate users of cyber systems because they bring a needed perspective to the debate.

“While much of the electricity surrounding this issue currently focuses on law enforcement and privacy concerns, the greater threat to personal privacy is the  theft of personal data from large user accounts like the Office of Personnel Management or Target.  Sophisticated criminal enterprises and nation states are compromising personal data by the tens of millions from organizations. The chances your privacy is going to be compromised by one of these large scale attacks is infinitely greater than the government getting into your IPhone. While the government-privacy debate is important we can’t lose sight of the larger and more pervasive threat from criminals and rogue states. ISA is delighted and honored to be part of the effort to solve the problem though the Digital Equilibrium Project,” said Clinton

| ISA Hails Launch Of Digital Equilibrium Project

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