Major Indian Trade Group Seeks Alliance with ISA

July 11, 2014

In November of 2013, Larry Clinton, the President and CEO of the ISA, traveled to India to speak about cyber security issues in the international context. Mr. Clinton traveled to Chennai, India where he spoke with T. K. Ramachandran, a member of the board of governors and the secretary of the ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu (ICTACT). ICTACT is a non-profit organization that assists students by preparing then for careers in the ICT industry. At the conclusion of the presentation, students and faculty engaged Mr. Clinton in a question and answer session that yielded an insightful, spirited discussion about cyber security. Mr. Clinton also had an opportunity to attend a roundtable event organized by the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, where he described the audience as being “extremely knowledgeable and diverse”, particularly on the topics of cyber threats and the economics of cyber security.

While in Mumbai, Mr. Clinton spoke at length with MTV India as a part of the MTV Webbed initiative, an opportunity that provided excellent exposure to the issue of cyber security to a broad, international audience. Additionally, he delivered a presentation to the Data Security Council of India, and discussed with the council the techniques that they are already using and plan to use in self-regulating cyber security in the region. While there, he also gave an interview with Digit Magazine, the premier technology magazine of India.

While attending these events, Mr. Clinton discussed many of the topics that have been of recent concern to both the ISA and the cyber security community in general. For instance, he described the importance of economic incentives to the growth, implementation, and wide-spread uses of quality cyber security practices and defenses, and stressed that globally, it is important for market incentives to guide sustainable cyber security as opposed to government regulation. He also discussed the best practices and standards found in the ISA Social Contract. Benefits to such practices include reduction of successful attacks and reduction of monetary loss. Other topics of discussion included:

–          Threats to Communications Networks and Private-Sector Responses

–          Public-Private Partnerships and the Enhancement of Cyber Security

–          Combating Persistent Cyber Security Threats in Manufacturing Industries and Supply-Chains

–          Mobile Security

–          The Burden of Federal Red Tape

–          Cloud Security

–          Cyber Security Education



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