State Department Sends Larry Clinton To Estonia

October 5, 2009

At the request of the US State Department ISA President Larry Clinton will visit the NATO Cyber Center of Excellence in Estonia the week of October 4, 2009 to lecture and discuss cyber security theory and practice. After completing his schedule in Estonia Mr. Clinton has been independently invited to travel to Brussels for meetings with representatives of the European Union to discuss similar issues.

Although the State Department is sponsoring and paying for Mr. Clinton’s visit he is representing the Internet Security Alliance and not the US government. The State Department has made no requests to manage the content of Mr. Clinton’s presentations.

In Estonia the State Department has arranged for a series of meetings/lectures and discussions for Mr. Clinton.  In addition to visiting the NATO Center Mr. Clinton will meet with representatives of the Estonian government, private sector entities, law enforcement, university and primary education professionals.

In November of 2008 the Internet Security Alliance published “The Cyber Security Social Contract.” This document outlines what ISAlliance believes is a framework for a government-industry relationship that could create an effective, evolving and sustainable system of cyber security on a world-wide basis. This framework, which along with more than a dozen other ISAlliance papers and reports prominently cited in President Obama’s Cyber Space Policy Review, will provide the basis for the content of Mr. Clinton’s presentations.

Among the specific topics Mr. Clinton will present in Europe are the use of market incentives to spur improved cyber security practices, designing a different structure for information sharing between and among governments and private sector entities, managing the global supply chain, assessing and addressing the financial impact of cyber events in corporate structures, the need to update technical standards and analog-based legal frameworks and their applications to unified communication platforms such as VOIP, and educational programs in cyber security. The presentation on education is based on the Carnegie Cadets web-site and education program. Carnegie Mellon University which created this program is one of the founders of the Internet Security Alliance.

ISA Board Chairman, Ty Sagalow of Zurich North America, said that the organization is very pleased that its President has been asked to make this trip. “The Internet Security Alliance is naturally proud and encouraged that the US State Department has selected our President to take our message on the benefits of market incentives rather than government regulation to spur the needed improvements in information security to our European allies. The ISAlliance Cyber Security Social Contract provides the best framework for the public private partnership that will be required to create a world-wide culture of security. The ISAlliance Board of Directors will be updating and extending this approach in the coming months and looks forward to continuing working with the Obama Administration and our allies world-wide on this critical goal.”

| State Department Sends Larry Clinton To Estonia

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