Top 25 ISA Accomplishments of 2013

January 4, 2014

Top 25 ISA Accomplishments in 2013

  1. President Obama releases his Executive Order on cyber security, which departs from the regulatory model the Administration had previously advocated and embraces much of ISA’s “Social Contact” by encouraging an industry driven framework and use of market incentives.
  2. A new “National Plan” for protecting US critical infrastructure is released (replacing the NIPP) which represents an “evolution in approach” including ISA proposals (in language taken directly from ISA material and negotiated personally with DHS Under Secretary Spaulding) on fundamental issues such as variations in risk assessment for public and private sectors, the economics of cyber security, and the need for an incentive based approach for security.
  3. ISA Board meets privately with key Congressional policy makers including House Homeland Security Chair McCaul, Cyber Security Chair Meehan, Telecom and Internet co-Chair Blackburn, Intelligence Committee Chair Rogers, Intel Ranking Member Ruppersberger, Senate Homeland Security Ranking Member Coburn, Senator Blunt, Senator Johnson
  4. ISA Board meets privately with key Administration officials including White House Senior Advisor for Cyber security Daniel, NIST Director Gallagher, DHS Under Secretary for Infrastructure Protection Spaulding, Assistant Secretary for Cyber security Schneck, DHS Acting Under Secretary McConnell
  5. In addition to participating in the 5 national workshops to develop the NIST cyber security framework the ISA Board meets five times privately with the NIST drafting team
  6. ISA’s “Financial Management of Cyber Risk” publication is the first source cited in the initial NIST framework as a template for corporate cyber risk management
  7. Working in conjunction with Financial Services Coordinating Council ISA sponsors workshop on cyber risk management in financial services
  8. ISA, in conjunction with AIG, sponsors a series of five national workshops on sophisticated cyber risk management in corporations.
  9. DHS solicits ISA to provide initial companies for participation in the Enhanced Cyber Security Services program (an expansion f the DIB model to the rest of cortical infrastructure on information sharing)
  10. ISA participates in high level briefing on process for implementing the President’s Executive Order with WH Advisor Daniel, Cyber Command head General Alexander, DHS Under Secretary Lute, NIST Director Gallagher
  11. ISA drafts and circulates plan for involving its member companies in all aspects of Executive Order implementation
  12. ISA appointed as lead industry contact for all 18 critical infrastructure sectors, with respect to Executive Order implementation on incentives by Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Protection.
  13. ISA Board receives private briefing on incentive reports required under the Ex Order from Treasury, Commerce, DHS and GSA/DoD (on procurement)
  14. DHS lists numerous ISA publications as recommended reference materials for work on implementing the Executive Order (ISA is only Trade Assoc. listed)
  15. ISA is re-elected as Chair of the IT Sector Coordinating Council
  16. ISA is designated as to represent industry as the sole key note speaker on the Executive Order as several official government/industry forums including on incentives, NIST framework roll out, and CIPAC meetings
  17. ISA asked to present industry view on US framework development process at World Economic Forum conference in Germany
  18. US State Department sponsors and funds tour of India to promote international awareness and cooperation on cyber security
  19. 30 European based companies meet in London to consider the need to develop a European version of ISA or align with ISA/US
  20. CMAI (Communications Multimedia and Infrastructure) , a major Indian trade association formally requests affiliation with ISA
  21.  ISA approves memorandum of Cooperation with Cyber-Security Council of Germany to work collaboratively on cyber security issues internationally
  22. ISA Board crafts new draft 3-year business plan including several projects: 1) maintaining ISA domestic policy operations 2) Building Cyber Trac 3) Intensifying ISA international program 4) Creating a best practices publication targeted at senior directors; 5) Developing model contracts to assist in implementing the NIST framework; 6)Developing incentive proposals for Congressional and/or sector agency implementation of NIST framework
  23. ISA articulates “beta-test” proposal as appropriate next stage in NIST framework development
  24. ISA maintains high public visibility including multiple appearances in national media (e.g. MS NBC Power Lunch, Fox Business News, C-SPAN, Federal news Radio) and literally hundreds of print citations
  25.  4 new sponsors join ISA, Vodafone, AIG, McAfee and CSG