What are The ISA Goals?

  1. To demonstrate thought leadership in advancing the development of a sustainable system of cyber security;
  2. To advocate for public policy that will advance the interests of cybersecurity; and
  3. To create increased awareness and programs that will result in more rapid adoption of cybersecurity standards, practices and technologies.

What is The ISA Mission?

Our mission is to combine technology, public policy and economics to create a sustainable system of cybersecurity.

What is The ISA Approach?

ISA is pro-market when it comes to cybersecurity. Government’s traditional regulatory model can never stay ahead of quickly evolving cyber threats. The job must be handled by the market, where a “bottom-line” incentive fuels the work.

This pro-market model is detailed in ISA’s Social Contract series of publications, each advancing the thought leadership philosophy that cybersecurity solutions come from the integration of technical and economic realities—not from rules and regulations. ISA continues to initiate and operate pragmatic programs melding this pro-market approach into a more sustainable system of cybersecurity.