What our Sponsors say about the ISA:

Each year ISA polls its sponsor companies asking how well, on a scale of 1-5, they feel ISA is fulfilling the organization’s goals. The goals are determined by the board as part of our business plan, which we revise every three years.

Below are the most recent responses for these questions (1 = not meeting the goal/value; 5 = maximum goal/value).

Goal Score
ISA meets goals of providing thought leadership 4.9
ISA meets goal to advocate for productive and effective public policies leading to a sustainably secure cyber system 4.9
ISA meets goal of stimulating awareness and adoption of good security practices 4.7
ISA provides value proposition to its members 4.8


Each year the ISA asks our sponsors to evaluate our performance. we strive every day to deliver value in thought leadership, in policy advocacy and increased security awareness and through programs that improve cybersecurity.  Our mission is to combine technology, public policy and economics to create a sustainable system of cybersecurity. It drives everything we do.

“ISA turns out a ton of work and is constantly raising the bar. For example, the work with the NACD, which has taken off and is growing  to worldwide influence.

– Tim McKnight, Chief Information Security Officer, SAP and formerly board member from Thomson Reuters,Northrop Grumman, Fidelity and GE

“We all get recruited by other companies, if I decide on joining another, I tell them we have to be involved in government policy and as a current member of the ISA board, being a member of ISA is an unconditional prerequisite to my joining.”

– Bob Zandoli, Chief Information Security Officer, Bunge, formerly board member from AIG

“I don’t know what else ISA could do to promote better cybersecurity.”

– Jeff Brown, Chief Information Security Officer, Raytheon

“Thought leadership is ISA’s sweet spot. I couldn’t rate them any higher, it’s fantastic.”

– JR Williamson, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Leidos and formerly board member from Northrop Grumman

“ISA has fantastic depth of contacts which speaks to years of careful and successful effort.”

– Richard Spearman, Group Corporate Security Director, Vodafone

“The Cyber-Risk Handbook prepared by the ISA for the NACD is one of the most frequently used cyber publications for the education of U.S. board members. The ISA agenda of developing a sustainable approach to enterprise cybersecurity is aligned with our guidance to corporations.”

– Andrew Cotton, Partner, EY

“I don’t know what else we could ask from ISA, they are very productive. The ISA flag is well known and its brand is strong.”

– Gary McAlum, Chief Security Officer, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Security, USAA