ISA President & CEO Larry Clinton
Larry Clinton

Larry Clinton is President of the Internet Security Alliance (ISA). The ISA is a multi-sector trade association that focuses on thought leadership, policy advocacy and developing best practices for cyber security. Mr. Clinton holds a certification on Cyber Risk management for Corporate Boards from Carnegie Mellon University, He is on the faculty of the Wharton School where he teaches a graduate Executive Education course in cyber security.

The National Association of Corporate Directors has twice named Mr. Clinton as one of the 100 most influential people in the field of corporate governance. He is a two term Chair of the IT Sector Coordinating Council and serves on the Cybersecurity Advisory Board for the Center for Audit Quality and the Cyber Advisory Board for the Better Business Bureau. He is widely published and has been a featured spokesman in virtually all major media outlets from WSJ, USA Today Fox News, NBC, CBS, NYT, PBS Morning Edition CNN & even MTV in India. He testifies often before Congress. He has briefed industry and governments world-wide including NATO and the OAS. ISA was also the only trade association to be part of the official cyber security briefing for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

ISA recently published the Cyber Social Contract (Vol. 3), which outlines 106 recommendations for the President and Congress. The previous editions of the ISA Social Contract were endorsed by the House GOP Task Force on Cyber Security and were the basis for President Obama’s Executive Order 13636 on Cyber Security. He is the industry co-chair – DHS is the government co-chair– of the Policy Leadership Working Group on Cyber Security Collective Defense featured at the National Cyber Security Summit in New York in July.

He literally “wrote the book” — the Cyber Risk Handbook for corporate boards which is the only private sector publication endorsed by both DHS and DOJ. PWC has independently evaluated the Cyber Risk Handbook and found it substantially changed how corporate director’s address cyber risk management leading to higher budgets, better risk management, closer alignment of cyber security with business goals and helping to create a culture of security. In 2017 ISA adapted the Handbook for the UK and Germany. As in the US, the German edition has been endorsed by the German government. ISA is now working with the OAS on a Latin American version of the handbook; as well as an edition for India and Japan, in partnerships with industry groups.

Dan Lips

Dan Lips is the Assistant Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs with the Internet Security Alliance. Before joining ISA, Dan was the homeland security policy director for the majority staff of the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. In this role, Dan led a team of ten staff members, working on homeland security policy, nominations, and oversight. Dan was a key staffer negotiating bipartisan legislation to modernize federal information security practices and to authorize the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center at the Department of Homeland Security. Dan co-authored staff oversight reports that were covered by the Associated Press and featured on 60 Minutes. Before working on Capitol Hill, Dan served as an intelligence analyst in the Cyber Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. From 2000 to 2010, Dan worked for national and state think tanks as a researcher focusing on education policy. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University and his master’s degree from the Institute of World Politics in Washington, DC.

Josh Higgins

Josh Higgins is the Director of Policy and Communications for the Internet Security Alliance. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Political Science from Virginia Tech. As ISA Director, he meets with government and industry stakeholders and helps manage ISA partnerships and ongoing projects.

Prior to joining ISA, Josh worked in journalism, covering a range of cybersecurity issues. On the cybersecurity beat, Josh covered Congress’ and the White House’s cybersecurity initiatives on a range of topics, from the Internet of Things to autonomous automobiles. He also managed social media for numerous publications and deployed numerous social media strategies to reach targeted audiences.