SPONSORSHIP  (Current ISA Sponsors)

Our Sponsors represent the corporate world’s leading Fortune Global 500 critical infrastructure owners from a wide base of national and international industries

  • Sponsors serve as our Board of Directors.
  • Sponsor/Board members set the direction, the priorities, and the objectives for the organization.
  • Sponsor/Board members lead and have unlimited participation in all of our priority projects.
  • Sponsor/Board members meet directly with senior-level members of the Executive and Legislative branches of the U.S. government. These meetings include private sessions with Members of Congress and the Administration, and periodic congressional staff briefings.
  • Sponsors hold primary rights to all ISA publications and the opportunity to participate in high-profile speaking engagements and writing placements.
  • Sponsor receive full access to all ISA materials: books, handbooks, white papers, articles and the “Daily Brief,” our in- house cybersecurity newsletter.
    Sponsor Level Participation:  $75,000 US Annual

How do our Sponsor Members rate ISA performance and delivery?

Each year ISA polls its sponsor companies asking how well, on a scale of 1-5, they feel ISA is fulfilling the organization’s goals. The goals are determined by the board as part of our business plan, which we revise every three years.

Below are the most recent responses for these questions (1 = not meeting the goal/value; 5 = maximum goal/value).

Goal Score
ISA meets goals of providing thought leadership 5.0
ISA meets goal to advocate for productive and effective public policies leading to a sustainably secure cyber system 4.8
ISA meets goal of stimulating awareness and adoption of good security practices 4.9
ISA provides value proposition to its members 4.8

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