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    President Biden Releases new National Strategy for Cybersecurity. ISA had extensive contact with the WH which wrote the new strategy. The new strategy adopted made major “shifts” in the government’s policy consistent with ISA recommendations. Among other issues ISA policy is reflected in new emphasis on altering the incentive structure for cybersecurity (ISA mantra for […]


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    Independent research conducted by MIT finds the consensus cybersecurity principles and practices laid out in the NACD-ISA Cyber Risk Oversight Handbooks “demonstrates that organizations that use the consensus principles can significantly improve their cyber resilience without raising costs” and organizations who “follow the principles are predicted to have 85% fewer incidents.” This confirms previous research by PWC. […]


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    ISA, World Economic Forum, and National Association of Corporate Directors finalize their Cyber Governance Report, identifying six core principles for board-level cyber-risk oversight. This Report completes phase I of the ISA-NACD Forum collaboration. ISA is one of three US organizations invited to present at the G-20 Global Cybersecurity Forumand Digital Economic Security Conference in Riyadh, […]

    Internet Security Alliance Top 25 Highlights of 2020

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    ISA top 25 ISA highlights for 2020 ISA AND National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) release third edition of the Cyber Risk handbook for corporate directors Cyber Risk 2020. The books are now officially joint ISA-NACD publications (previously known simply as NACD Handbooks) US Department of Homeland Security and the US Department of Justice both endorse ISA/NACD […]

    Internet Security Alliance Top 25 Highlights of 2019

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    INTERNET SECURITY ALLIANCE TOP 25 HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE YEAR 2019 ISA Board Completes Update of National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Cyber Risk Handbook. ISA is the exclusive partner association for the NACD handbook. This will be the third edition of the handbook, which ISA updates every three years, it contains multiple new sections. It […]

    ISA Top 2018 Highlights

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    ISA appointed industry co-chair (DHS is government co-chair) of the Policy Leadership Working Group charged by DHS Asst. Secretary for Cyber Security Jeanette Manfra with articulating the details of a Collective Cybersecurity Defense Model the Trump Administration wants to promote for cybersecurity. Policy Leadership Working Group produces a joint government-industry white paper defining the Collective […]

    Top 25 ISA Accomplishments in 2017

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    Top 25 ISA Accomplishments in 2017   For the second year in a row, ISA President Larry Clinton is selected to the “Corporate 100” list of most influential Americans in the field of corporate governance. Clinton is the first cybersecurity professional named to the list. The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) co-hosts with ISA […]

    Top 25 ISA Accomplishments in 2016

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    Top 25 ISA Accomplishments in 2016   PricewaterhouseCooper’s 2016 Global Information Security Survey independently documents positive impact of the “Cyber Risk Oversight Handbook” prepared by ISA board and for the National Association of Corporate Directors. PWC credits the Handbook, by name, with fundamentally changing the way boards are now treating cybersecurity including significant increases ion […]

    Top 25 ISA Achievements in 2015

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    ISA Top 25 Achievements in 2015 PricewaterhouseCoopers releases its annual Global Information Security Survey and cites “Cyber Risk Handbook, prepared by ISA, AIG & NACD for having a substantial impact on how corporate boards are now addressing cyber security. PWC reports “Boards appear to be listening to this guidance (i.e. the NACD Handbook). This year […]

    Top 25 ISA Accomplishments in 2014

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    Top 25 ISA Highlights 2014 ISA Board approves new 3-year business plan (2014-2016) establishing new projects to fulfill organizational goals. 1) Create a widely accepted program for cyber security among corporate boards; 2) Maintain and expand public policy in Administration and Congress; 3) Expand international outreach 4) Create “Cyber Trak” product to simplify and reduce […]

    Top 25 ISA Accomplishments of 2013

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    Top 25 ISA Accomplishments in 2013 President Obama releases his Executive Order on cyber security, which departs from the regulatory model the Administration had previously advocated and embraces much of ISA’s “Social Contact” by encouraging an industry driven framework and use of market incentives. A new “National Plan” for protecting US critical infrastructure is released […]

    2013 Annual Highlights

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    2013 ISA Summer Board Meeting begins consideration of new three year plan for ISA including discussion of the following new projects: International ISA Cost study on framework implementation and incentives under the EO Best Practices for Boards of Directors Writing a cyber security bill for industry/Congress Model Contracts based on NIST Framework Supply Chain management […]

    COMMERCE SECRETARY: ISA Mobile Security Work Top Achievement

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    A year after President Obama issued his “Cyberspace Policy Review,”  he called a high-level meeting of public and private sector representatives,  DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, and National Cyber Security Coordinator (“Cyber Czar”) Howard Schmidt at the White House to discuss progress and achievements in cyber security. With President Obama and ISA […]