ISA in 2011 led the US Chamber of Commerce, TechAmerica, BSA and the Center for Democracy and Technology in a coalition that embraced the ISA model in a pan-association white paper.

The paper’s joint call for a voluntary, collaborative program reinforced by government-provided incentives became the very first recommendation offered by the House Republican Cybersecurity Task Force (pdf), led by Rep. Mac Thornberry. The recommendation was also embraced in President Obama’s Executive Order 13636.

As the white paper noted:

We live and work in, and are dependent on, a networked world. That is why the Business Software Alliance, the Center for Democracy and Technology, the Internet Security Alliance, TechAmerica, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce believe that the cybersecurity of our critical infrastructure must be a national priority. However, the complexity and interconnected nature of the Internet, and the ever‐evolving and sophisticated threat environment, put cybersecurity beyond the reach of any single entity: to secure our critical infrastructure, companies must work together, government must coordinate its efforts, and industry and government must collaborate.

Download the white paper, “Improving our Nation’s Cybersecurity through the Public-Private Partnership.” (pdf)