PODCAST – Public-Private Partnership and Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure (Larry Clinton Panelist) (MIT, December 10, 2020

Posted on January 26, 2021 at 3:13 pm

Government’s own cyber shortcomings undermine calls for regulatory approach, says ISA’s Clinton

Posted on at 2:48 pm

The federal government lacks the expertise to mandate effective cybersecurity requirements for industry, according to Internet Security Alliance leader Larry Clinton, who says failures to secure the government’s own systems reveal the need for a major readjustment in thinking about cyber policy. “[W]e can add government to the list of sectors that are highly regulated […]

What is the World Economic Forum doing on cybersecurity – 6 principles to unite business in the fight against cybercrime

Posted on at 2:42 pm

• The COVID-19 pandemic has opened more opportunities for cyberattacks. • Not enough board members understand the threat to their business. • The World Economic Forum, PwC, NACD and ISA are partnering to define key principles of good cybersecurity governance . In 2020, malevolent actors took advantage of the pandemic. The rush to digital-first arrangements […]

If Government Can’t Regulate Itself, how can it Regulate Industry?

Posted on at 10:15 am

The foundational assumption of the expert agency regulatory model is that government knows what to do; all that is needed is to compel a recalcitrant private sector to follow government mandates. There is no evidence that government has attained that degree of expertise in cybersecurity. In fact, the data suggest the opposite.