In 2015, ISA Established ISAFE

Internet Security Alliance For Europe, a non-profit association registered in Brussels, Belgium which shares our ISA mission and broad goals, was launched by ISA in 2015.

Bringing together leading European companies from multiple industry sectors and different EU member states, the ISAFE sponsor companies make up the Board and are all companies based in the EU. The ISAFE Board designs its own programmes accessing ISA resources as needed. website

Richard Knowlton is the Chief Executive of ISAFE.

Richard was Group Corporate Security Director with Vodafone for six years until April 2015.  In that role he was responsible for all security and malicious risk management issues for one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, with approximately 430m customers in over 100 countries.

Richard has served as a Board member of the Internet Security Alliance (ISA) in Washington DC since 2012.