ISA Projects – Past and Current

Privacy Project
Ongoing – The Privacy Project is…..

Internet Security Alliance – European Operation

Social Contract 1.0

Social Contract 2.0

Social Contract 3.0

NACD Cyber Risk Oversight Director’s Handbook

A highly praised

Supply Chain Risk Management

Cyber Trak
Cybersecurity laws and regulations are evolving rapidly around the world. Companies battling ever more sophisticated cyberattacks face higher risks if they do not keep up with new requirements in all markets where they operate. Keeping up with these changing requirements diverts valuable time and resources from cyberdefense. Blue Edge Lab and Internet Security Alliance (ISA) have partnered to provide companies with an innovative solution.  CyberTrak is a highly innovative online cybersecurity tool featuring information on cybersecurity mandates in 23 key markets around the world. CyberTrak is designed to help GCs, CIOs, CISOs, risk officers and legal, technology, IT and procurement departments of multinational companies form proactive strategies to protect their business   CyberTrak Website       Brochure

National Institute of Standards and Technology  
-Beta Test – CMU Overlay of NIST Framework
-NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Hewlett Proposal

Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations with Department of Homeland Security


Financial Management of Cyber Risk


Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)

The intellectual property of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) has never been more at risk from cyber actors known collectively as the “Advanced Persistent Threat” (APT). This threat is intent on gaining and maintaining a long-term presence in a company’s network for the purpose of stealing technical and competitive information. The common perception is that this threat has been focused on large companies and governments…. The Advanced Persistent Threat: Practical Controls That SMB Leaders Should Consider Implementing

Melissa Hathaway


Cybersecurity Best Practices For Board of Directors

IT Sector Coordinating Council

Daily Brief
Ongoing – The Daily Brief is a Monday through Friday Cyber Security Newsletter for the USA featuring breaking cyber news, up-to-the minute releases from our ISA CEO, US Cert and details from the ISA working calendar.

Daily Bulletin
Ongoing – The Daily Bulletin is a Monday through Thursday Cyber Security Newsletter for Europe featuring breaking cyber news, up-to-the minute releases from our ISAFE CEO, EU-Cert and details from the ISAFE working calendar.

Salon Dinners
Ongoing – Our Salon dinners are a twice yearly event where in our members dine family style with prominent government, industry and media leaders.