Security Experts At A Loss For Words

March 7, 2012

By Abraham

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No it is not your imagination. Security breaches are on the rise, particularly in healthcare. This is due to the fact that modern techniques are making more healthcare records available in electronic format. While this does wonders for efficiency and potential more accurate diagnosis and faster treatment for patients. It comes with the downside of being hormonal verbal from a security standpoint.

In collaboration between the American National Standards Institute, the Healthcare Industry surveyed more than 100 Healthcare Leaders in 70 different organizations.

The quick take away is the move to health records being kept electronically. The people who are supposed to protect the information are being outpaced in their ability to protect information. The major stumbling block found is security issues are not being presented in a way that can be understood to CEOs and CFOs.

The error stems down to the oldest issue in mankind’s history. Human communications.

“They basically put the CFO and the CEO to sleep because they’re talking compliance, talking costs, and talking about things that are not that interesting to these executives,” he says. “What we realized is we have to arm that chief privacy officer with the same tools and business case that speaks in investment language to help them enhance their business cases for things that would enhance privacy and security of protected health information.” – Rick Kam, president and co-founder of ID Experts

Healthcare is number two on the dubious list for the number and severity of data breaches. Falling in behind the financial industry.