Updated cyber ‘handbook’ for business leaders examines changing legal, threat landscape

January 13, 2017

The updated “Cyber-Risk Oversight” handbook for corporate directors released Thursday examines new legal and regulatory requirements and challenges faced by business, as well as the evolving and growing threat of cyber attacks.

“The legal and regulatory landscape with respect to cybersecurity, including required disclosures, privacy and data protection, information-sharing, infrastructure protection, and more, is complex and constantly evolving,” according to the new handbook, which was developed by the National Association of Corporate Directors and the Internet Security Alliance.

The document examines the full scope of cybersecurity issues that boards of directors face in deciding which risks to mitigate, avoid or transfer through the purchase of insurance or other means.

The document also updates a 2014 handbook with a particular focus on changes in legal requirements and emerging threats, according to ISA President and CEO Larry Clinton, who spoke Thursday at an event in Washington, DC, to unveil the new report….SOURCE

| Inside Cybersecurity