White House Releases “Cyber Space Policy Review” — ISA is Most Cited Source

June 11, 2014

Released in 2009, the Cyber Space Policy Review was the Obama Administration’s assessment of U.S. policies and structure for cybersecurity. Drawing heavily from the Internet Security Alliance as a resource, the paper outlined a path forward to creating a reliable and resilient digital infrastructure.

Covering resources including the Cyber Security Social Contract, white papers, and policy recommendations, the Cyber Space Policy Review drew insight and guidance from ISA on topics ranging from cyber assurance policy reform, public/private partnerships, supply chain security, cyber insurance metrics, best practices, methodologies, and technologies.

The Internet Security Alliance produced the first and last sources cited in the executive summary, and was the organization cited most frequently throughout the document.

The Cyber Space Policy Review affirmed the Administration’s commitment to addressing cybersecurity, and laid the groundwork for the development of Executive Order 13636, which called for the creation of a new “framework” between government and industry to assist in preventing, detecting, and responding to cyber incidents.



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