Chapter 13 - Information Technology: Defining How to Govern IT


The 21st century has been the era of IT.  It is unassailable that the information technology industry has become dominant in multiple respects since the turn of the century. The COVID-19 pandemic only served to highlight the centrality of tech companies. .  The overwhelming consensus of the industry’s major players is that this unregulated environment has been an essential feature, and primary driver, of the historic growth and productivity that the sector has achieved. The popularity and profitability of the tech companies shielded it from virtually all government regulation.  The sector is now facing heavier scrutiny. The warm feelings the populace, and many in government, had for the techies when they were young, has grown old and tenuous. Actions are already taken, especially surrounding the issue of “big techs” antitrust. As these tech challenges reach a breaking point, we must move from a piecemeal to a systemic process for integrating technology into modern public policy. There needs to be a conscious and comprehensive and deliberate digital strategy established and run out of the White House.  Our leading private organizations are adopting these digital transformation strategies, and our most intense adversaries have long since adapted and implemented similar methods. It is time to bring the digital infrastructure of the federal government into the twenty-first century. The government can and should be reaping more of the productivity and operational benefits of the digital age. Cybersecurity is an issue that cuts across individual departments and all sectors of the economy, an issue that is everywhere but is treated as if it is nowhere, since it lacks a bureaucratic power base.

Combining Technology, Public Policy and Economics to Create a Sustainable System of Cybersecurity


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